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Hello and welcome to FAQ page!
Here you can get acquainted with useful information.

We also have a support team that is available 20 hours a day. The red bubble at the bottom right on


“Why do you have such low prices?“

We have such low prices because directly buys accounts from suppliers and sales networks in huge quantities. We get massive volume discounts for these quantities. Please check our How-It-Works page.

“Is everything allowed and legal?“ is the only keys and accounts shop that is operated worldwide. We have been ensuring that we follow all official guidelines and instructions that exist worldwide and in EU legislation.

“Which payment methods can I use?“

Please look at this page. All payment methods are listed there.

Order Questions

“Is there a guarantee for the products?“

Almost every product has a lifetime guarantee! If there should ever be a problem with your order, you can simply contact us via the support chat at the bottom right! Please check our Returns and Exchanges page.

“What happens after I have paid?“

You'll get your data immediately after the purchase on our website

“Will my product be sold twice?“

You're the only customer who receives the keys and accounts. It's removed instantly from the database and we have protection in the system so that nothing is sold twice.


“Do you offer support if I need help?“

High-quality customer support is extremely important for a quality product, that’s why we do our best to resolve any issues you may encounter.

“How can I contact you in case of questions?“

You can contact us via all social media channels. However, to get the fastest help, you should contact us via the support chat at the bottom right on We are in the office 20 hours a day and ready to help.

Product Questions

“How can I see the product description?“

Simply click on the product image. Then a new page opens where you can find all the important information.

“What are the differences between the keys and accounts?“

To get more information about the product, simply click on the product. There you can see the product description and compare it with other products. If you need help, you can also contact the support chat at the bottom right.

If you have any further questions, please contact the support chat.
We are available 20 hours a day.