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How does get the keys and accounts?


We have such low prices because directly buys keys from suppliers and sales networks in huge quantities. We get massive volume discounts for these quantities.


We provide the keys from selected sellers who obtain the keys from authorized wholesalers. The wholesalers scan these keys massively so that they can be sent. These are legal keys - we guarantee that!


There are shops that keep their keys in stock for too long and therefore cannot keep up with current market prices. We support such stores and buy up their stock of keys and then sell them ourselves because we are the ones where the demand is strongest.


We create accounts or email accounts ourselves and then activate the keys on the accounts. Unfortunately, when we only sold keys in the past, there were always attempts to cheat us. Selling accounts directly prevents this. This way the customer is secured and the support team can help any customer who really should have a problem immediately! helps the game developers

Not every release of new games is successful - this is where helps. We have contacts with several game developers and are in constant contact with them. If a game does not succeed, we get keys in huge quantities at reasonable prices. This increases the popularity of the game and gives the developers financial support.